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I love India...

...I really do. It is now December 2d, and I am getting sad about leaving. I am also excited to come home and see everyone, and have it be cold, and eat salad, and sing Christmas songs, and put up the Chrsitmas tree (please wait for me to get home before you put it up, ok Mom, Dad, Christine and Deb? I'll be home soon. You can pick it out without me, just don't decorate it).

Well, since I last wrote, which really isn't that long ago (I'm suprised at how often Im writing in here) I did the most amazing rafting trip ever (it was also my first rafting trip ever!) From Rishikesh, we drove up the Ganga and blew up the raft. There was 4 of us (Bal, Nate, Amber, and myself) and two guides. The trip was 16 km in total, with 6 different white water rapid spots. Some of the rapids were quite wild, and at one point I almost fell out of the boat!!!! Luckily, I stoped myself on Nate, who was siting infront of me. The rapid before I almost fell out, Amber fell into th boat, and couldn't get back up for a few minutes. The guide (who was really cool) was making fun of us for the rest of the trip. When there were no rapids, we jumped out of the boat, and floated along the Ganga. I never though I'd be floating down the gangese with 3 great friends, singing Om Shanti Om (most popular movie in India right now!!) and watching monkeys eat bugs off each other. I am glad we got to swim in the ganges then, because it is quite clean there. where I am going later toda (varanasi), the river is quite dirty. Varanasi is THE place to put dead bodies in India. That being said, in Rishikesh, the river was damn cold, and by the end of it, I couldn't feel my extremities. After a quick warm up in our bath tub, we went for a dinner on a rooftop over looking the river. Of course, we had to comlpete our time in rishikesh with some more chocolate and banana samosas. We also still had some firecrackers left over, and decided to light them off as a end to the time the four of us spent together. We made a little boat for a fountain, and sent it off down the river.

The next morning, we caught a train back to DElhi, and have been hanging out here since then. We picked up Amber's triend 'Thea at the airport, and said bye to Bal. He's gone back to Punjab to visit his family. In a few house, Amber, Nate, Thea, and I head on a overnight train to Varanasi. There should be some great stories to tell from there. After Varanasi, I leave the three of them (that will be a bit emotional) and go back to Delhi and meet Kristen and Caitlin to catch a flight to Kerala.

Namaste everyone!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Jess

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