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ok, I think i put a few pictures up in my photo gallery. I don't know if you guys can see them, but look for a photo galery and let me know if you can see them.

I am still well. Chandigarh is nice (and hot!! it's 35 degrees during the day). My only issues are that it is a city that is very modern and kind of western. I mean, it's still India, but not the crazy India one might think of.

I really like traveling around by cycle rickshaw. It took me a while to get used to, because I was uncomfortable with someone pedaling me around the city at first, but now that I'm used to it, it's great!

I'm still shocked, and baffled, by the socio-economic inequalities you see here. A few people live lavish life styles, while so many live in slums. The thing that gets me, is that there is often a nice house right next to a place that has no walls and many people sleeping in it. It is normal for people here to see, but hard for the rest of us. I also find the fact that there is household help here hard to grapple with. Amber and I always make it a point to say please and thank you to hte help even though he dosen't understand.

I feel like all I'm writing is negative, but I really like it here. All the people I've met are great, and I've really enjoyed time we've spent with kids. Today, we went to a vocational school for kids whose parents work as servants. It was really interesting interacting with them. We had no verbal language in common, yet still had an amazing time together (I started stella stella ola again, and they taught us hand games).

We're going to Amritsar this weekend to see the Golden Temple, so it will be nice to see some other parts of India.

I'm sure I'll write again when I get back.

Miss you all, and enjoy rainy Vancouver (I've heard the weather in ridiculous)

xoxo, Jess

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All right! I took a few tries but I found your pix.....there may be another way but I clicked on "JChapelski" at the bottom of the right hand column and I was led to the photo gallery.

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