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September 2007

Days in Delhi



After a marathon plane ride (24 hours traveling, which I guess isn't that bad - it could have been worse) we arrived in Delhi on the 26th. We got to our guest house at 3 in the morning and were all wide awake for a while. We're staying in a non-touristy part of Delhi, which is really nice. I was woken up by what I thought were goats under our windows, but it was street vendors that walk the smaller streets selling vegetables and any kinds of sevices they might have to offer. Our first day was fairly low-key. We went for lunch around 1, then went to explore the market. I really enjoyed looking at all they had. We spent a few hours wandering around, being bombarded by leather belt and bag sellers. We came back to the house for dinner, then went to bed right after.

So far, I really like Delhi. It's hot and humid and smells tropical. The traffic is a bit overwhelming - everyone is always honking. I don't think you can go 30 seconds without hearing a horn.

Time to head out to Old Delhi (I think that's where we're going today - I can't remember). Hopefully I'll write once more before we head to Chandigarh.


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