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Big update!!

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Hello all!

I'm so sorry that it has been such a long time since I wrote. Delhi was crazy busy, as we were trying to see alot in a short period of time. There's an email that we
(the field school students) are sending out to people back at sfu about what we have done. Once that is sent out, I'll post it here.

Until then, I'll tell you about my favourite parts of our time in Delhi. It was really nice waking up to the "goats" every morning (they're here in Chandigarh too). The guest house we were in was such a nice sanctuary from the crazyness of Delhi. That being said, I really enjoyed Delhi and all it's busyness. One night, we went for dinner in Connaught place, which is kind of like the Robson street of Delhi, and it took 2 hours to drive home, when without traffic, it would have taken maybe half an hour. The traffic was bumper to bumper, and car side to car side the whole way. In Delhi, traffic lines are really just for decoration, so there are cars everywhere. With the cars being everywhere, we expected to see traffic accidents left, right, and center, but when we were there, we didn't see any (the only close one we saw was when one of the guys got off our bus and was smiling sweetly and waving at us, steped down off the bus and got hit by a motorbike. Everyone was ok, but we were scared for him). The drivers in Delhi are very aware, and don't really go that fast, because they are swerving in and out of other cars.

On one of the days, we visited Old Delhi, which is just like a "hollywood" type of India - crowded streets and lots of noise and smells and vendors. Some people found Old Delhi overwhelming, but I loved it. I had a hard time only because I was so interested in looking at everything except where I was stepping. I don't know what I steped in that day, and I don't ever want to know. That same day, we visited the red fort, which has alot of historical significance that I won't bore you with. We also visited Humayan's tomb, one of the most peaceful places in Delhi.

I've got to get going, we're going shopping, but I'll write more tonight before I go to bed now that we have internet here.

love, jess

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Days in Delhi



After a marathon plane ride (24 hours traveling, which I guess isn't that bad - it could have been worse) we arrived in Delhi on the 26th. We got to our guest house at 3 in the morning and were all wide awake for a while. We're staying in a non-touristy part of Delhi, which is really nice. I was woken up by what I thought were goats under our windows, but it was street vendors that walk the smaller streets selling vegetables and any kinds of sevices they might have to offer. Our first day was fairly low-key. We went for lunch around 1, then went to explore the market. I really enjoyed looking at all they had. We spent a few hours wandering around, being bombarded by leather belt and bag sellers. We came back to the house for dinner, then went to bed right after.

So far, I really like Delhi. It's hot and humid and smells tropical. The traffic is a bit overwhelming - everyone is always honking. I don't think you can go 30 seconds without hearing a horn.

Time to head out to Old Delhi (I think that's where we're going today - I can't remember). Hopefully I'll write once more before we head to Chandigarh.


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